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Time-limited therapy

The working life is changing. Employees are experiencing stress and burnout due to the uncertainty of the working life and the rapid development of distance working methods, tools and technologies. Time-limited therapy can provide help for problems caused by these new developments.

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Rapid changes in the working life and added strain can impair staff wellbeing. Corona virus has led to new working practices and uncertainty about the future, which can cause stress, anxiety, worry, fear, and lack of motivation. Time-limited therapy can provide solutions to these issues before they develop into bigger problems.

Possible themes: wellbeing, anxiety and stress, job burnout, executive challenges.

Structure: time-limited therapy includes 1-10 sessions in which the focus is on the solution or mitigation of the client’s issues. On the first meeting the therapist evaluates the situation and sets treatment goals. On the fifth meeting the therapist evaluates the progress and gives recommendations on further steps.

Time-limited therapy can help client to:

  • work through life crises
  • increase self-awareness and self-acceptance
  • develop problem solving and emotion regulation skills
  • develop behavioural changes that enable dealing with problems

Time-limited therapy starts from 85 € per 45 minutes. Therapy can be carried out online. Research has proven that online therapy can be effective especially in the treatment of depression, anxiety and stress related illnesses. Most people from different age groups benefit from time-limited therapy. With the help of time-limited therapy the employer can reduce the number of sick days and improve client ratings.


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