Services for the changing needs of people and organisations

We offer high quality services in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, recruitment and selection, coaching, HR development, career counseling, performance management, training, employee motivation and job design. We have ISO 45001:2018, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications and we are committed to the continuous professional development of our services and our employees.
Our services and available in Kajaani and Oulu as well as online.

We offer help and support during change

We know that change is difficult, and we all cope with it differently. Some of us are more able to deal with change whilst others are left with inner conflicts and feelings of worry and uncertainty. It is important to learn to accept and deal with different changes and turning points in one’s life, because that’s what life is all about. Life circumstances change and we must learn to adapt and go along with change.

Our work is focused on each person’s individual needs and requirements. We treat all our clients with dignity and respect.

We help organisations motivate their employees

Employees are essential for the performance of the organisation. Finding the right employees, reducing turnover and looking after employee wellbeing is essential for the innovation, productivity, competitive advantage, reputation, and success of the organisation.

We can help organisations recruit and motivate employees through our recruitment and selection services as well as our training, counseling, coaching and therapy services that we deliver for employees and managers. We can also help with work design and re-design and linking up strategic goals to the actions aimed at enhancing well-being of the employees.

Support for the public sector organisations

Looking after the wellbeing of public sector employees helps to reduce public sector costs and supports the quality of public sector services available for the citizens. We help public sector organisations by providing training, coaching, and counseling services for public sector supervisors and managers. In addition, we offer wide range of psychology and psychotherapy outsourcing services that complement the services available from the public sector. Our psychology services play a key role in providing preventative care for children, adolescents, and families.

Our services are available online

We understand that circumstances change and sometimes it is easier and more appropriate to meet online. It is also important to always have access to support without unnecessary brakes. Our experienced consultants, psychologists and psychotherapists can deliver online services using safe and secure video-apps.

Please contact us!

It is our job to find jobs for those who are unemployed and to help organisations find and keep well performing employees. We would love to help you, so please contact us for more information.